Privacy Policy

Suffice it to say I really value your privacy. Some people called “lawyers” could write all kinds of dribble here, but we don’t record any information connected to you. Your computer might get an anonymous cookie, but who doesn’t like cookies? When you come spend time with me, the IP address used to connect internet thingies is recorded along with the date and time we had tea. However, I just use this information to make broad sweeping trend analysis, conduct administrative tasks, track your movements through my pages, and basically display a bunch of gibberish to some guy called the “admin” who you definitely don’t have to worry about – trust me, not the sharpest spoon in the drawer. Anyhow, all this information is not linked to any personally identifiable information – you clean. Finally, I will provide you with links to other sites for your use and reference, but once you leave me, I can’t protect you. Therefore, it might be wise to check out the privacy policy of those other sites. I do everything I can to protect you, so please come back and visit me again – it gets a little weird and lonely here sometimes.


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