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Find college textbook rentals for cheap at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA:

1) Make sure you are renting the right college textbook:

You can search for your math book by title or author, but ultimately you want to search by the International Standard Book Number (ISBN). You should be able to get the ISBN from your college professor. The best place to check the ISBN is the copyright page instead of the back of the school book because sometimes book stores falsely label textbooks.

2) Remember most college book rentals will NOT come with supplemental materials:

When you get your ISBN from your college teacher find out if there are any required supplemental materials like DVDs, access codes, etc. Generally, only new textbooks will have supplemental materials, but most college book renters have a 21 day return policy. Additionally, you can always contact book rental websites to see if a particular rental has the supplemental material you need for you college course. If the book rental site can not guarantee the supplemental material see if you can find it online to buy separately – this will still often get you textbooks for less than buying a new textbook at Washington and Lee University.

3) Make sure you get the cheapest college textbook rentals by not returning it late:

If you return your college book rental late you will be charged extra fees, so make sure you ship your textbook back to the appropriate college book rental company. Most book rental websites will provide you with a free return label from Lexington, VA.

4) Remember to compare renting college books or buying textbooks online to the bookstore at Washington and Lee University:

If you rent a text book your price will be fixed, unless you return your book rental late. However, when determining how to get the cheapest textbook prices we will show textbook rental prices compared to new and used college book prices. Remember when you buy a book you can sell back the book for cash, so factor that sell back cash into the total cost of buying a book versus a renting textbooks. Remember the bookstore isn’t always interested in finding cheap books for college students.


Washington and Lee University Lexington VA - college book rentals for cheap

With this advice get college textbook rentals for cheap with online textbook rentals for Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA.

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